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Tanzanie 75% & Chilli infused bar 100g (Vegan)


Description: A simultaneously intense and subtle, spicy and fruity couverture. Its acidic notes combine with the flavours of lime and Merlot, balsamic vinegar and blackcurrant, cocoa nibs and Yuzu. It releases a hint of fruity tartness that lingers in the mouth. (Criollo and Forastero beans.) We have infused these great tasting notes with chilli oil which gives a fruity spiced taste.

Ingredients: Chocolate Contains:

Cocoa mass Tanzania, sugar, cocoa butter, natural vanilla powder, paprika extract, emulsifier - polysorbate 80 and red chilli extract

Allergy Information: None

Our site handles Nuts, Milk, Egg, Gluten, Peanut so may have traces of the aforementioned.

Suitable for vegetarians. 

Suitable for Vegans

Net Weight 100g

Tanzanie 75% & Chilli infused bar 100g (Vegan)