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Heppells at Work


Only the Finest. Seriously!


Since 2016, we've been providing super high quality bespoke chocolate products to high-end restaurants across the UK. We love hearing about our products and we actively change our recipes based on your feedback.



Combining years of collective artistic
experience, we carefully hand craft Luxury Chocolate & Patisserie made from the finest Cocoa Beans and ingredients.


We are international championship and gold-medal winning chocolatiers who have delivered our art and expertise to people throughout the world. We're also proud to supply highend restaurants throughout the UK including restaurants in Selfridges. We are Heppell's.


Heppells Chocolatier competing at the World Chocolate Masters
Our Promise


We ensure that our designs are creative, exclusive and innovative whilst offering customer satisfaction at all times. 

We like to think of ourselves as partners with you. If you have a suggestion or feedback, reach out to us.






Cocoa beans are the lifeblood of thousands of people in the Ivory Coast and Ghana. Their craftsmanship lies at the very core of the unique Callebaut chocolate taste that we use. Every day, Callebaut see the challenges they are faced with. Poverty, child labour and a lack of access to clean water and safe nutrition have become common place. Because their craft shapes ours, let us embrace these regions and fuel their communities. Together, we can turn the farmer’s profession into a proud craft. 


Cocoa Farming
Hand Piped Butterflies
Our Principles


There are 3 main principles we are following at Heppells:

Respect, Loyalty, and Love. Respect because we do respect every customer and their needs. Loyalty because we offer exclusivity to all our hotel & restaurant customers whilst still fully focused to our retail customers. Finally, Love because it is an essence of everything!



Our Accomplishments


We have competed in many culinary competitions, ranging from the World Chocolate Masters (Overall Runner Up 2014-2017), Hotelympia and the World Culinary Olympics winning several Gold medals for our showpieces, handmade chocolates, desserts and artistic culinary talent.


Our Promise

Our Promise


We​ ensure that our designs are creative, exclusive and innovative whilst offering customer satisfaction at all times. We pride ourselves by being passionate and committed to producing spectacular chocolate products of the finest quality to enhance your menus.


Our Services

Our Service


Email or call us and find out how our handmade products that are designed and bespoke to each individual restaurant & hotel can help you. We will make sure you have exclusivity and your guests will only experience these fantastic eye-catching and flavoursome creations at your venue.



Heppells Chocolatier Patissier Logo
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