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Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea

Take a look at a sample of our afternoon tea options and get in touch if you would like to learn more. 

White Chocolate & Cocoa Nib

White Chocolate & Cocoa Nib Mousse

Sweet velvet white chocolate mousse with cocoa nibs folded throughout. A fantastic balance of bitter cocoa and sweet white chocolate.

Passion Fruit, Cherry & Hazelnut

Dark Chocolate & Hazelnut

Hazelnuts mixed with dark chocolate mousse on a dark chocolate and hazelnut crisp base. Mirror glazed and finished with a mango fluid gel.


Classic Tiramisu

Beautiful classic layered cake with silky mascarpone mousse, coffee cream, espresso and dark rum. Very light and delicious.



A crunchy exterior and soft, light, nougat-like interior. These macarons pack flavour and are available in many flavours

Pistachio Acorn Afternoon Tea

Pistachio Mousse, Praline Cremeux & Caramilised Bananas

Sweet pistachio mousse encassing a praline cremeux and caramilised banana centre. Finished like an acorn with hazelnut Rocher.

Lemon Mousse and Lemon Ganache

White Chocolate Mousse & Lemon

White Chocolate Mousse, Lemon Ganache, White Chocolate & Feuilletine base.

Honeycomb and Milk Chocolate Pistole

Honeycomb & Milk Chocolate Pistole

Milk chocolate pistoles covered in honeycomb filled with a creamy caramel milk chocolate ganache.

Black Truffle Chocolate Truffle

Black Truffle Chocolate Truffle

Smooth fresh black truffle and chocolate ganche enrobbed in dark chocolate. A black truffle ganache boasting earthy flavours.

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